At Kentek’s LaserSafetyU, training is the most important thing we do.

Our first priority is to provide the best laser safety training courses available. We started our training company because we believed that we could do that better than anyone else. Our full-time instructors have carefully crafted our course materials, presentations, and software tools to provide the very best learning experience — because it’s ours, and we’ll never be satisfied with being second best. All aspects of our courses meet the same kind of exacting requirements we’ve always applied in our work with lasers.

Sure, you can get adequate laser safety training from other sources. We’re here for the people who want the best.

We’ve designed our courses to give you exactly what you need.

We’ve designed our unique training program so you can get the training you need without spending time and money on things you don’t need. Our 2-day, non-mathematical Industrial LSO course provides the minimum training required for Laser Safety Officers in most common industrial situations. On the third day of LSO training students desiring greater understanding and those with responsibility for research labs learn the details of the ANSI Z136 Standard, practical laboratory laser safety, and laser safety programs for research.

EASY-HAZ™ laser hazard analysis software is integrated into all our classes to make hazard analysis easy and to serve as a training tool to aid understanding. All students get practice using it to solve their laser hazard analysis problems in class. We save the math details until the fourth day so those who don’t want the math don’t have to suffer through it. But for those who do want it, we explain it thoroughly using real-world examples and show you how to verify your solutions with the software.

Call us if you have questions. We will help you decide which course is best for you, and we’ll never try to sell you more than you need.

Our combined experience with lasers and laser safety is unmatched.

We’re long time laser users and Laser Safety Officers with decades of both hands-on laser experience and experience solving real-world laser safety problems in a wide variety of laser environments, including research, education, industry, laser displays, and the military. Our range of practical experience is the basis of a thorough understanding of the real laser safety issues that arise for Laser Safety Officers and laser workers across the spectrum of industrial and research situations. We’ll help you evaluate your options and tell you how others have dealt with similar issues. You’ll be confident of your solutions.

We include valuable extras to make the LSO’s job easier.

All of our courses include the following free extras:

EASY-HAZ™ LSO laser hazard analysis software for all LSO students ($450 value)

Laser Safety Program documents you can easily modify to meet your needs

Example Laser Standard Operating Procedures from industry and research

Professional quality training materials you can use in your in-house laser safety training

Prompt, reliable, continuing support after class (We’ll treat you like we want to be treated.)

Our courses are more fun.

We’ve heard reports that some laser safety courses are dry and boring. Ours are not. Our students tell us that what they enjoy most about our courses are all the real-world examples and laser stories. If you like training courses that are interesting and entertaining, you’ll be glad you’ve chosen us.

Laser people like doing business with us.