Kentek’s complete Laser Smart line of Laser Safety services and products includes classroom and online training and certification, auditing and consulting services, software, eyewear, barriers, laser detection and warning equipment for all environments, personnel and levels of laser use.

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3 Levels of Training

Choose a course that best meets your needs to learn more useful information in less time with the added assurance of continuing expert support.

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Laser Safety Audit and Consultation Services

Ensure your laser safety program is on track for ANSI and CDRH compliance.  Whether you have 1 laser or 300 in an industrial manufacturing or research facility, we have a solution for you. Details …

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Online Laser Safety Training

Laser Safety Training Classes

Laser Safety Training Courses in the Classroom are designed for laser users and Laser Safety Officers and range in complexity from introductory to advanced. The courses vary in emphasis on industry, medicine or research and level of user experience. Learn more useful information in less time with the added assurance of continuing support from our CLSO’s.

Advanced LSO Training

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Laser Safety Audits

Laser safety audit services from Kentek help ensure your facility is on track for ANSI and CDRH compliance.  We work with industrial manufacturing facilities and in research settings.  Whether you have one laser or 300, a small or large facility, Kentek has a solution for you.  Kentek can also assist laser manufacturers and integrators in obtaining the necessary CDRH accession number to legally sell a laser system in the United States.

The Virtual LSO

The Virtual LSO from Kentek provides expert laser safety advice on an on-going basis from the industry’s best CLSO’s.  This innovative service offering will supplement the effort of your Laser Safety Officer.  We will conduct both initiating and follow up laser safety audits.  Your laser users will have access to our laser safety courses and our best-in-class laser hazard analysis software.

Online Laser Safety Training

Laser Safety Online Courses are available for basic laser safety training. Video modules, course materials, and an exam are completed online. A Certificate of Completion is available for downloading and printing upon completion of the final exam with a passing mark. Take a look at sample videos from our Online Laser Safety Course.

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What Else You Got?

Kentek has laser hazard analysis software for every situation.  Whether you are a student or an industry laser safety officer, EASY HAZ™ LSO will meet or exceed your needs.  Take a test drive with our free, online, basic web edition of EASY HAZ™.

The EASY HAZ™ LSO Edition is a powerful Laser Hazard Analysis tool for LSOs, featuring an easy-to-use database for laser inventories and audits.  It is useful for LSOs performing comprehensive diffuse reflection calculations.

EASY HAZ Laser Hazard Analysis Software

EASY HAZ™ Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast Accurate Results
  • Complex math behind the scenes
  • For students, laser professionals and Laser Safety Officers
  • For any laser environment – education, industry, research and medical
Blue Laser Research and Development

By US Air Force [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons

LSO Training

ANSI Z136.1 “Safe Use of Lasers” states training shall be provided to each LSO and employee routinely working with or potentially exposed to Class 3B or Class 4 laser radiation.  Kentek offers three different levels of LSO training – Industrial, Administrative and Comprehensive.  Click here to learn more about each option.


Kentek can provide custom Laser Safety equipment for your laser environment!

Laser safety barriers, eyewear, curtains, window blocks & laser-safe film, interlocks, warning and danger signs, beam dumps, and more.