Online course: Basics of Laser Safety

//Online course: Basics of Laser Safety

Online course: Basics of Laser Safety


This Basics of Laser Safety course is provided as a supplement to an organizations’s Laser Safety Program. This course is designed to compliment information delivered to the user by the individual responsible for laser safety training, such as a Laser Safety Officer (LSO).

This course was produced to meet all basic laser safety training requirements and present laser safety from the laser user’s point of view. After completing this course the user will be ready to learn the specific information they will need to know about their laser and job situation.

This course is designed primarily for class 1 laser operators and incidental personnel in laser areas. It includes all the training topics required by the American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers.

This course consists of seven modules. The first three modules provide background information on lasers and laser hazards. The remaining four modules describe how laser hazards are controlled in the workplace.


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