Product Description

EASY-HAZ™ LSO Edition is a powerful Laser Hazard Analysis tool for LSOs. It features an easy-to-use database for laser inventories and audits and is included with our LSO Classroom Courses.

Features of EASY-HAZ™ LSO Edition include:

  • Continuous Wave, Single Pulse, and Repetitive Pulse calculations.
  • Continuous Wave input choices include average power and energy of exposure.
  • Single Pulse input choices include energy per pulse and peak power.
  • Repetitive pulse input choices include average power, peak power, and energy per pulse. Outputs include MPE per pulse for each of the three multiple pulse rules, energy per pulse, average power, peak power, and duty cycle.
  • Beam shapes include Circular Gaussian, Elliptical Gaussian, Elliptical Top Hat, and Rectangular Top Hat with choice of 1/e or 1/e² beam measurements.
  • Accepts input of M-Squared (beam quality factor) as beam parameter or calculates M² if diameter and divergence are entered. (Limits beam parameters to diffraction limit if desired.)
  • Comprehensive Diffuse Reflection calculations. Inputs include beam size on diffuse target, reflectivity, viewing angle, viewing distance, and a separate exposure duration for diffuse reflection exposures. Outputs include Point Source or Extended Source MPE, Point Source or Extended Source Diffuse Reflection NHZ, OD for diffuse viewing, and fraction of MPE if exposure is below MPE.

Other reported values include:

  • Optical Density of Eyewear at a specified intrabeam range, for expanded beams, and at a specified distance from a focusing lens or an optical fiber
  • Intrabeam Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD)
  • OD and intrabeam NOHD for optically aided viewing and atmospheric attenuation
  • Lens-On-Laser NOHD for all beam shapes on lens (1/e and 1/e²)
  • Fiber Optic NOHD for single mode and multimode fibers
  • Skin MPE and “Times Skin MPE” for intrabeam and diffuse exposures
  • Beam Dimensions at specified range
  • Average and Peak Irradiance in limiting aperture for eye exposures
  • Correction Factors, Time Parameters, Limiting Apertures, and Irradiance in limiting aperture

All on one page! All output values change when any input is changed.

Also includes:

  • Microsoft Word Laser Hazard Analysis Report page to document laser input parameters, laser hazard analysis output values, audit reports, and recommendations
  • Easy storage of input parameters and audit data as text files (e-mail files to other users)
  • Built-in database for easy management of hazard analysis records and laser inventories
  • Microsoft Excel Laser Inventory Report page for flexible laser inventory reports
  • Comprehensive Users Guide


EASY-HAZ™ LSO Edition software runs as a workbook in and requires Microsoft Excel for Windows 2003 or later.

License and Delivery:

EASY-HAZ™ LSO  Edition software is available as a single computer license or site license for 10 computers or more and is delivered by email.