This three and a half day Administrative Laser Safety Officer course is intended for individuals in research, education, or more complex industrial laser situations who are not interested in learning the mathematical details of laser hazard calculations. Participants in this course attend the two and a half days of our Industrial Laser Safety Officer course to learn the basics of laser safety quickly and efficiently and then continue for an additional day of more detailed study. Topics include laser hazard analysis using EASY HAZ™ LSO software, details of the ANSI Z136.1 “Safe Use of Lasers” Standard, laser safety practices and programs for research, and a study of recent laser accidents. We will also discuss students’ laser safety issues in detail. This course includes a closer look at all the important issues for Laser Safety Officers but none of the math. Instead you will learn to use our software to do complex hazard analysis the easy way.

3.5 days, Monday – Thursday Noon