The Virtual LSO

The Virtual LSO

The Virtual LSO from Kentek provides expert laser safety advice on an on-going basis from the industry’s best CLSO’s.  This innovative service can provide full LSO services or can supplement the effort of your LSO.

Call 800-432-2323 for a price quote. Ask to speak with one of our Laser Safety Services and Audits Specialists.

A Kentek Innovation for LSO Duties

Maybe you are overwhelmed by your laser safety program, or maybe you are a new LSO and need a jump start, or maybe your facility has accumulated many lasers…. Let Kentek’s expertise come to your rescue.
We will custom-design a program that provides a basic level of safety for the end-users and any other staff working with class 3B and 4 lasers. We have decades of experience and a very deep toolbox that includes laser safety training materials as well as laser safety products for protection of personnel.

The Virtual LSO Program

  1. Meet with the facility Safety Committee to establish objectives.
  2. Review laser policies and procedures for control measures.
  3. Perform a laser survey of each work area/laser lab that includes hazard analysis and inspection of laser safety equipment.
  4. Update, verify or create a complete laser inventory for Class 3B and 4 lasers.
  5. Perform Laser Safety Training, including on-site training, and provide access to our online training.
  6. Maintain records including training, laser inventory, and hazard analysis reports.

Other Benefits of the Virtual LSO

  • Unlimited phone support
  • Agreed number of on-site visits each year
  • Negotiated pricing on all Kentek laser safety products
  • Secured webpage providing LSO with access to all records

The Virtual LSO – Expert laser safety advice on an on-going basis from the industry’s best advisors.

Contact us for details and pricing.