Established in 1983, Kentek Corporation has served thousands of laser users in more than 60 countries around the world. Our hallmark is service excellence: We answer your phone calls in person, we process your orders promptly and precisely, we help you find answers when on rare occasion we cannot help you, we will custom build almost any item related to lasers.

In September 2012, Kentek Corporation acquired Laser-Professionals, Inc. (LPI), which has provided comprehensive and practical laser safety training and consulting services since 2004. The Kentek brand has long been known for quality and excellence in products and services. We now bring decades of additional experience building lasers, using lasers, teaching others how to use lasers safely.

For Laser Safety products, Kentek has everything you need. We manufacture eyewear, barriers, curtains, signs, labels, interlock systems and unique beam control equipment including viewers and beam traps. Our technical sales representatives will help you evaluate your safety needs and guide you toward products that best meet your needs. We have several thousand SKUs of eyewear options. We have barriers suitable for a variety of laser power conditions in multiple environments including anti-static and cleanroom applications. Call us for advice – it’s free, and you will find that we can build custom products in quantities of “one” at very effective cost-price levels.

Kentek’s Laser Smart Services include laser safety audits, training (including Laser Safety Officer), consulting, and CDRH product certification.

Kentek is Laser Smart Products®. Kentek is “Laser People Helping Laser People”®.